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"What makes you happy? Do that day in and day out."


Where it all began...

Elite Shoelaces laced up in 2019. Our journey to building a socially engaging shoelace community began many years earlier. Growing up Kyle loved getting a new pair of sneakers. From the confidence he felt, the feeling of lacing up a new pair, to finding the rare releases at the local shoe store; sneakers provided enjoyment and a pathway to keep moving forward. In high school, sneakers were a way to express style outside of uniforms. High school also introduced community service projects and initiated Kyle’s interest in giving back. The sneakerhead mindset did not fade throughout college and Kyle continued to lace up shoes and support communities.  


In 2016, Kyle watched sneakerheads express culture on social media with the likes of Adidas Yeezy brand and the classic Air Jordan 1 and began connecting with the local Chicago community. During one specific meeting, the Better Business Bureau discussed younger generations and their desire to give back to the communities. Elite Shoelaces was born shortly after. As we continue to grow, so does our story, our dedication to quality, and our desire to give back. 

Elite Shoelaces intends to grow the concept of informing and educating generations in ways that appeal in everyday life. By integrating charity, education, and giving, through Elite Shoelaces, we can make an impact and Become a Better You. Elite Shoelaces is grateful to work with amazing charities and will continue moving forward in all aspects of life; starting from your shoes up.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about Elite Shoelaces. 

We are inspired by the world.  

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